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One of the most active sections of our special teams is our Preventative Search and Rescue program.


The overarching objective goal of the Unit's Preventative Search and Rescue is providing children and adults with information and guidance so they will be safe in the outdoors.

There are three elements of this program.

  1. Educating children and adults about the steps they should take in preparation for their outdoor recreational experience.

  2. Informing them of the decisions they should make if they become lost and/or injured while in the out-of-doors.

  3. Providing guidance at trailheads, especially around the San Francisco Peaks, as to trails that are appropriate for their party.

Since 2016 PSAR instructors and other SAR members have educated about 15,000 residents and visitors to Coconino County.  The educational services are offered free of charge to schools and, public and private events.  To reinforce the teachings we distribute emergency whistles and flyers, which are provided by philanthropies and companies.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to inquire about a Preventive Search and Rescue presentation for your class, group or organization.

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